An Ibn Sina Session is one month long and consists of four Ibn Sina Courses.

The courses of each session are part of a cohesive theme within computer science, such as foundations, systems or applications. This is meant to ensure that the investment made in one Ibn Sina Course is capitalized on in the courses following it in the same session.

Since the School aims at providing a backbone to undergraduate education, instead of replacing it, a course that is part of a standard computer science curriculum may not have a corresponding Ibn Sina Course. Moreover, an Ibn Sina Course will only cover a very select set of topics from the ones that are usually covered in a corresponding college course.

Since instructors of an Ibn Sina Session have to be very selective in what topics to cover in a particular course, these topics must be coordinated. This is implemented by designating one of the four instructors in each Ibn Sina Session as a session coordinator. The four instructors will then form a team that works on designing an integrated and cohesive curriculum under the leadership of the session coordinator.